Dallas Bridges

The following essay was written by the niece of former mayor C. C. "Cy" Easters:

My first journey to Crawfordville, Georgia!

Imagine a city of three hundred and fourteen citizens; a city lined with acres of woods, one red light, one bank and absolutely NO restaurants. What are your thoughts of living in this city without everyday conveniences that you currently have? Oh boy, my thoughts...I'm spoiled to my life but would definitely love to move to Crawfordville.

To begin, my family leaves Plant City on an early foggy Tuesday morning at 4.30 am anticipating the six hour drive to Crawfordville, Georgia to visit my Uncle Cy and Aunt Ruth. As I travel, my thoughts of this long never ending expedition makes me begin to wonder what this entire city really has. Entering Crawfordville, I realize there is only one red light then I noticed that they only have one bank. The city consists of three hundred and fourteen people, no restaurants, one school for all grades and one awesome auction. .The funny part to the few features this city does have is the red light. I actually stood in the middle of the road talking with my family and not one car came by. All the residents are very friendly and wave as you go by even without them knowing me. Huh, what a difference compared to Plant City.

Next I ventured down to my Uncle Cy's house surrounded by seventeen acres of deep thick woods and a flowing, crystal clear, freezing creek. Oh, how I was in love. I spent my days visiting; I guess you could say that because I was outside running and playing in the tall brown and green meadows with my white and tan shaggy Shitzu Suzzie Q. I thought we would never find the end of the woods until I came upon a gorgeous running creek. When I got closer, I realized that it was a shallow rocky bottom creek flowing slowly downstream to the end of who knows where. The water was crystal clear so I let Suzzie enjoy a refreshing drink of water out of it. As time passed, I decided to find my way back to Uncle Cy's home so I wouldn't be lost in these seventeen acres of huge massive pine trees and thick fields.

So now that you have enjoyed my journey to Crawfordville, Georgia, would you like to visit this beautiful city? Or are you more of a person that likes convenience? Since I have visited this city, I want to move up there and live on all of the acres of woods so that I can ride my four wheeler, see deer in the yard and not be caught up in all the drama that's here in Plant City.